About Us


About Us

Cerium Coins is in business of buy and sell of all gold & silver coins from last 5 Decades, currently working in Canada & United States. We are largest independent coin dealer in Canada.

Professional Associations, Awards And Certifications

  • Business standard rating: A +
  • Official Silver and Gold Maple Leaf Trader
  • Other online reviews rating: B
  • Directory rating: C

We Also Perform

  • Gold Foreign Exchanges.
  • International Retail Mail Orders.
  • Purchase of Estates and Collections of Any Size

Our Specialisation in

  • Coin Supplies
  • Coin Sales and Purchases
  • Collector's Coins and Mint Products

Products and Services

Scrap Gold, Platinum Coins & Scrap, Scrap Silver, Silver Bars, Sterling Silver, Silver Coins, Paper Money, Collectors Coins, All Mint Products, Estate Jewellery, Gold Bars, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Coins, All Military Medals & Collectibles

We are the Solution

Cerium Coin is the story of fulfilling each individual’s earning potential by leveraging with Modern Technology & Innovation. Cerium Coin is the story of how Smart People Work & Succeed. Cerium Coin is the story for You & Me.

We allow you to earn income by working for yourself, instead of working for other people. We make your money work for you. It gives you income from investments. Most importantly, our solution is solid, trustworthy & lucrative, which is why it is the right one for you. Every decade or so, a ground breaking opportunity comes along that has the potential to be the Next Big Thing, the Next Game Changer. And it is knocking on your day!

Our New Venuture

Cash payments have become inconvenient & a thing of the past. We have come a long way in our evolution of currencies from the barter system to fiat monetary system, which derives value from the relationship between supply & demand.

Today, plastic and mobile money is common place and digital currencies too have evolved rapidly. New digital currencies are traded entirely in online electronic environments, which increase the economic efficiency and advantages of this currency.

Crypto-Currency - The New Buzzword

Cryptography + Currency = Crypto-currency

A Crypto-currency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed to be exchanged digitally (in the form of tokens) through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. The first Crypto-currency was pioneered in 2008 and veers from other forms of digital currency (like Google wallet or PayPal) because there is no centralized bank or government body overseeing the transactions, thus making it decentralized and inflation proof. These digital currencies are transferable through the internet without any pre-requisites or arbitrary limits and having a Crypto-currency account enables users to cut out the middleman too

Rise Of Crypto-Currencies

Inspired by the success of Bitcoin, a wave of about 800 new Crypto-currencies have given birth since 2008. The genesis of Crypto-currencies stemmed from a desire to build a monetary system superior to today’s Fiat based system used by most countries. While Bitcoin is still clearly the front-runner Crypto-currency with many having a lot of catch-up still to do, the exponential rise in the use of Crypto-currencies is because of their safety, security and growth potential.

The Future Of Money

  • De-centralized : Not owned or governed by any one Body & therefore not possible to manipulate.
  • Counterfeit proof: Counterfeit problems that exist with currency promissory notes will vanish.
  • Inflation free: Crypto-currencies are free of economic woes of countries and governments since only a limited number of units are re-generated.
  • Currency without Borders : With instant fund transfer at a minimal transaction cost, this currency is unhampered by borders.

Our Dream

Simply to help you live your dream life by giving you financial independence and a wonderfully fuller and more empowered life, by leveraging the powerful tools of Internet & Trading of Crypto-currency.

The Perfect Time Is Now!

In the business of Direct Selling, TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and we are delighted at this opportunity to invite you to engage with us at the right time. So, be one of the early adopters to get on the bandwagon and do spread the word, because before you know it, Cerium Coin is going to be a house hold name!

Opportunity Missed Is Opportunity Lost

Large, trailblazing ventures like Face book, Google, Apple & Bitcoin which have made millionaires of many who invested at the right time, were once boot-strapped start-ups. Investors who recognized early in the game the huge potential they hold and put in their stake, large or small, are enjoying the benefits today. 21st Century start-ups hold similar promise, given the technological and ecosystem support available to help them scale rapidly. Opportunities keep presenting themselves. It’s about how ready we are to seize them!


Acceptance of the fact that frustrating 9 to 5 job is not what you expected from your life and career. A belief that your ability to fulfill your dreams and enjoy a lifestyle of class, freedom & adventure, are not unreasonable and do exist. A faith that you can create a more empowered life for yourself & your family.

We hope that through this presentation you get an adequate insight into who we are and what we do, and the role we can play in this important life journey.

Our Offering & Membership Plans

Why Cerium Coin?

  • Stable, debt free Company
  • Opportunity to be part of the Crypto-currency Revolution
  • a Global Business from home
  • Unmatched Compensation Plan

Our Team

Jacob Bro

Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Brown is an experienced CEO to control and oversee all business operations, people and ventures. He is responsible for the overall success of the business. He has very strong trading skills.Every time he ensure the company to constantly moving towards fulfilling its short-term and long-term objectives and does not diverge from its strategic guidelines.

Zack Wilson

Managing Director

Zack Wilson playing a role of Overseeing senior management staff , Ensuring the business is compliant with industry regulations, Managing the companies investments, stocks and other financial products and services.

Smith Roy

Financial Advisor

Smith Roy , A Broker and alternative investments expert, smith hedge fund that uses algorithms to find arbitrage opportunities in financial derivatives. Prior to Panorama, he was a Portfolio Manager for Two Sigma investments, a 50 Billion dollars quantitative hedge fund. Smith is a Masters in Applied Mathematics . and a Masters in Engineering .