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Crypto-currency: Evolution & Challenges

Ceriumcoin is one types of Crypto-currency. In a world which has become increasingly global, it is commonplace to have to move money from one location to another. Today’s connected & burgeoning middle class want a solution to transfer payments affordably & easily. From an investment perspective too, they are looking to invest in assets that are free from inflation woes. Crypto-currencies, decentralized digital currencies that are transferable through the internet without any pre-requisites or arbitrary limits, have answered this need. Acceptance of change, however, comes with challenges; newness & huge amount of transparency around Crypto-currencies, which creates doubts about security, to name a few. Notwithstanding, hundreds of new Crypto-currencies have emerged since Bitcoin, the first & front-running Crypto-currency created in 2009, and gained momentum because of the inherent ubiquity & transparency of these currencies.

Ceriumcoin: Digital Global Currency

Crypto-currency is one types of digital currency. There is no need to centralized bank or government bank for transaction and manage the money of investor. This user can use this currency any time any where by internet. Ceriumcoin is a crypto-currency. We will provide web and mobile application. So, User can access this currency any time any where and pay their payment by send and receive option from Ceriumcoin wallet.

Our Strategy

we have executed the following strategy:
  • Worldwide merchant contracting.
  • Building a strong user community holding ALBC units to start transacting on day 1 of the launch.
  • Developing POS & hardware to enable merchants to accept ALBC.
  • Developing multisig wallets & Apps.
  • Pre-mining of fixed number of units with a real user-base subscribing to the Crypto-currency before it goes live.
  • Building gold reserves to empower the currency.
  • Deploying a strong blockchain & infrastructure.

We also Perform

  • gold foreign exchange
  • International Retail Mail Orders
  • Purchase of Estates and collections of any size

Pre-mining now

We are pre-mining a certain number of units prior to our official launch & offering them along with Cerium Coin Memberships to create a strong & established user base of customers & purchasers — who are the backbone of our success.

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