Bitwala Refuses to Follow SegWit2x Fork without Core Dev Support

SegWit2x supporters and opponents have become entrenched in their positions, and they are unlikely to reach a compromise before the SegWit2x hard fork in November. Consequently, it is probable that the bitcoin blockchain will split into two versions: the original, Core-supported chain and the chain created by the implementation of btc1. Unlike the bitcoin cash hard fork on August 1, both chains will claim to be the “real bitcoin.”....

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Why Did Litecoin Hit $50 For the First Time in August?

Litecoin price surpassed the $50 mark for the first time in August due to two major factors: compatibility with bitcoin as a result of Segregated Witness (SegWit) activation and its hedge-like characteristics to Bitcoin Cash (BCH). On August 21, Cryptocoinsnews reported that prominent bitcoin analyst and investor Tuur Demeester described Litecoin as a real bitcoin hedge because of its SegWit-enabled network and transactions. He explained that the sell-off of BCH was likely to cause Litecoin price to surge....

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Bitcoin Price Targets $4,400 Despite Dipping Hashrate

Despite the hopes of some investors, the market had already priced in SegWit activation, so the bitcoin price remained mostly stable yesterday following the protocol upgrade’s deployment. However, the bitcoin price began to climb on Thursday, and despite a dipping hashrate, it appears bitcoin has $4,400 in its sights......

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OneCoin Labelled Pyramid Scheme, Fined €2.6 Million in Italy

The Italian AntiTrust Authority (IAA) has imposed a fine of € 2,595,000 on a group of companies promoting the purchase of OneCoin. The companies are accused of providing incorrect information about the product to consumers, with their sales system having characteristics of ‘pyramidal features’ according to the IAA.....

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